Sri Durga

Nataji® Bronze Sculpture by Natalie Levin

The Goddess Of Strength And Courage

(The prefix “Sri” is a venerable title of respect for the Deity)

The invincible Ma Durga known as the warrior aspect of the Divine Mother, is an embodiment of Shakti, the sacred feminine creative force. She is one of the Hindu Tri-Devi (Shakti) Goddesses, along with Sri Mahalakshmi and Sri Saraswati.

Sri Durga emerged to destroy the demonic forces that threaten our world harmony, doing so with her great radiant light and fierce compassion, thus recreating the universe.  Each of her weapons were a gift from the gods (including the lotus flower).  The lion (or tiger) is her consort that symbolizes her power.

Durga’s fearlessness and patience make her a heroine to call upon whenever we need to summon the courage to remove from our lives anything that is not for our highest good.
May you always find the inner courage and strength to assist you on your journey through life.

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20“ w x 33” h  x 16“ d
Weight: 111 lbs 

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